Low cost social media-powered marketing, soft advertising and referral services for budget-mid-range travel-related businesses.

travellingTew is a offers social media-powered travel marketing services, including referrals and soft advertising throughout regions Asia, Africa, Europe, North & South America and Oceania.

travellingTew provides a selection of budget to mid-range independent hostels, hotels, tours, resources and travel-related services.

Powered by social media, the brand travellingTew helps travel companies and businesses reach active travellers worldwide.

Our Services

Social Media Marketing

Creating and allowing tasteful marketing posts to a travel community defined by destination, continent or region.

Soft Advertising

Building advertisement posts or banners within a travel community defined by destinations, continent or region.


Providing referrals and ‘hot leads’ of real-time travellers to your services who seek reputable travel options from hostels, tour operators, vehicle hire and more.