travellingTew is connected to a growing travel audience of over 390,000 via social media. For over 6 years, Tommy Walker has referred and recommended reputable travel options to large communities. Now, powered by social media, the brand travellingTew helps travel companies and businesses reach active travellers worldwide.

Worldwide Clients

Some of the examples of clients we’ve worked include travel products from the USA, ‘Casa Particulars’ in Cuba, adventure tours in Ecuador, hostel groups in Vietnam, party-travel companies in Barcelona, campervan rentals in Slovenia and the world’s biggest hostel chain in Panama.

Content Creators

For individuals users, we also have a Permission To Post Scheme (PTP) that targets content creators, bloggers, or travel entrepreneurs aiming to increase their exposure for their individual products. We allow PTP members to post their relative content to a large target audience.

If you’re looking to use our communities to boost your individual content, this option will suit you!

Digital Marketing

We can: Manage your social media pages and increase activity. Schedule your social media posts. Rewrite your written content so it sounds modern and attractive. Edit your travel photos to give them that Instagram look. Provide consultation advice on building your travel business. Build a travel-related website, like this one in just ONE day!


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