travellingTew’s Founder has been working in the travel industry for nearly a decade. After travelling consistently for many years since 2010, he found that travellers and tourists were missing out on alternative travel options. Back then social media was not as popular as today and the regular guidebooks and travel blogs were not cutting it, leaving recommendations via word out mouth soon forgotten. 

In 2012, our Founder’s quest for building several large, interactive and beneficial travel communities began. Powered by social media, travellers and tourists started to instantly interact online from all over the world, providing alternative travel recommendations to one another.

In 2014, travellingTew’s was launched. Providing travel marketing and referral services through social media users via online travel communities was unprecedented. Today, travellingTew boasts well over 100 clients and continues to grow. Thousands of people have been provided great options for their trips. With a combined audience of 500,000 on social media, travellingTew is maintaining its mission of connecting travellers with the best reputable options.